Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

So the mask is reusable? How many times can I reuse it?

The INEX mask is made from a durable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that, under typical use and care, should provide many years of service. Depending on the environment and industry, the rate at which the filters will require replacing will vary and will be similar to how often a disposable filter mask should be replaced in the same environment.

Is this a medically certified device?

The INEX Sola MR2 has FDA approval, EU medical and ROHS approval of the TPE raw materials used, and NRCS specification is underway. In addition, the INEX Sola MR2 achieved outstanding results in a Barrier Efficiency Test based on ISO 14644 conducted by the University of Stellenbosch. These tests were conducted under an adapted ISO standard to test the efficacy of face masks at filtering moisture droplets considering the Covid-19 pandemic. As most moisture droplets are considered to be in the 5 micron to 10 micron range, this protocol tests down to 5 microns. Under those conditions, INEX’s Breathetex filter scored ‘Excellent’ (75% and above) in its filtration and scored ‘Excellent’ in breathability. It’s important to note that filtration performance is dependent on the filtration medium used. The next generation of filters from INEX will ensure 99.99% Anti-Viral Efficacy, certified by Nelson Labs in the U.S, making the INEX Sola MR2 face mask the only product on the market to offer 99.99% Anti – Viral efficacy in protection.

Where can I purchase a large number of masks from?

For order quantities of over 1 000 units, please contact sales@inexmask.co.za

What colours do the masks come in?

The soft body comes in grey and black, while the filter casings and certain fittings are available in black, blue, pink and turquoise.

What filter options are there and what can be used as a filter material?

There are various filter options available for the INEX mask, each with differing levels of cost, availability and efficacy. At present, INEX offers Breathetex Filters and will be introducing RFT Filters which offer 99.99% anti-viral efficacy in the coming days. Please refer to the products page for more information on this. The range provided by INEX will expand as testing and compliance are met.

Does the mask come in different sizes and does it fit kids?

The INEX mask comes in medium and large sizes for adults. We are evaluating making a children’s size. If you do require a smaller version please contact us at sales@inexmask.co.za for an update on this.

Does the mask use FDA approved materials?

Yes, the soft TPE body, the respirator parts and filtration textiles used for the INEX mask are FDA approved.

How do you wash the mask?

Initial results from WHO studies indicate that temperatures of 56 °C for 15 minutes effectively kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Ordinary detergents or sanitisers are also effective at eliminating the virus.

Where can I purchase a mask from?

INEX masks and filters will be sold through online platforms. Please refer to the home and purchasing pages for more information.