About INEX

About INEX

The INEX face masks are designed and produced locally. The team behind the mask comprises a unique combination of companies and people that came together under the circumstances in an attempt to not only provide an effective solution but a responsible, accessible, convenient and comfortable solution.

Providing a responsible solution.

A number of masks have recently become available due to the circumstances we now face. Some of the solutions do not provide adequate protection, and some are not suitable for prolonged use. Some are more suited for our healthcare workers, and should be set aside for them. Many are (now) expensive as a long term recourse. And most will, unfortunately, result in an added burden to our struggling waste management systems. The INEX face mask strives to provide an effective, reusable and long term solution with minimal waste impact.

Providing an accessible solution.

Our INEX face mask and filters are produced locally. The robust design ensures extensive reuse so you only have to invest in one mask. And the affordable filter options guarantee a long term cost-effective solution.

Providing a convenient and comfortable solution.

Made from a thermoplastic elastomer and designed off of diving industry ergonomics, the mask is light and comfortable. The filtration system is placed directly in the breathing flow paths so as to increase effectiveness and reduce as much resistance as possible.

The robust material allows various forms of washing or sanitising to be used without impacting the mask’s effectiveness. The hydrophobic properties of the material ensure the mask will be ready for use soon after it has been cleaned.